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800t-bird, but cant fly @ gig??

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ReFuGee DaWG

Dec 26, 2000
i have an 800tbird at 950 with the AZ11 mobo, and i just cant seem to get it at 1GHz, its running @ 9.5x100, when i run it at 10x100 it runs till i play counterstrike or defrag my HD...

i tried 9.5x106FSB but no stable either, i'm sure my tbird can reach the max of 1100MHz, i know that i'm missing something though...
i added a fan to my chipset and put thermal paste between the heatsink and the chip..

thank you,
ReFuGee DaWG
How much cpu voltage are you using? Can you increse it? What cooling setup are you running? Cpu temps??
My tbird 700 would never do 900, even with watercooling and 1.94V :( Granted, it was an aluminium one from Austin and an early one at that (week 23). I'm not saying you won't get a gig, i'm sure you will with better cooling / more voltage as Eriksson says, if you haven't already tried that, just that 1.1gig is a bit ambitious if getting above 950 is difficult.
i connected all bridges.... its running 1.85 (i guess)
i bought it like in early or mid august...

i'm thinking i should underclock it to 7.5 and try running the FSB@133, that should give me 997MHz, close enought..

anyone know if it'll work??
my mobo (az11) has jumper to set it to run @133 BSF, but when i tried, it wont boot, but then i read that i need to underclock it.

ReFuGee DaWG
You won't get 133 out of a KT133 board like the AZ11 - you'll need a KT133a board. I bought my tbird at the same time - yours may be unlocked, right? Being an early one it may well not overclock that well - my duron is week 25, another oldie :) and it needs 2.2V to do the gig.
how did you change the multiplier on the Az11. I have the same mobo but can't figure out how to change the multiplier