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81.95v2 and POP3:2 thrones non/SLI

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Apr 18, 2004
Hello People,

OK, so like no responded to my last post in the games section so I will try here instead.

I installed the lastest and greatest 81.95v2 from xtreme g - as usual.

I was hoping I could actually get prince of persia:2 thrones to actually play but guess what? is just blue screens on me. I reinstalled mobo drivers, gpu drivers and totally new and used drive cleaner to clean the system before putting in the new drivers...still nothing.

NOOOOO New patches available.

I disabled all my codecs and everything.

I just cant get the damn think to work fullstop, it get to the screen where ther is this big yellowish goldish star and then boom...bsod again. I tried this sli and non-sli and its the same thing.

Am I the only one having this problem?

I mean I PAID £40 for this crappy game and it does not even work...ok...so I had problems with FEAR but I managed to eventually play the game..oh the game is really good to...had to keep my teddy peru with me as it was like so scary....wait back to the subject at hand...pop3.

So...I was thinking...I think its my setup. I am running raid 0 and raid 1...maybe it does like them...but how the hell am I suppose to remove them huh? raid 1 is all my documents and files, raid 0 is xp itself...what the hell am I suppose to do?

I have tried everything I can think of and searched everywhere and cant find anything apart from in the readme file of the game that wants me to go back to some ooooooooooooooold drivers that do not support my gpu.

NVIDIA....HELP ME....come on...its suppose to be a new game but I think those ubigits just dont know how to make a game for the pc.

Doom3, HL2, CSS, FEAR, FM06 all without too many problems...POP3...it JUST does not ****ing work. Full ****ing stop...sorry...bad language...wheres my backspace gone...er..sorry.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO....can someone please help me out as I played pop1/2 on my pc and never had any problems and am a really big fan of the series...I knew I should of got the ps2 version and hooked up to my 24" dell...but NO...I wanted to see the 2 damn gtx's work... :bang head

Help me please...thank u very much :eh?: :eh?: