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85 watt pelt ?

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Senior Member
Dec 22, 2000
belding,MI,United States
tryed all weekend to get my 85 watt pelt and my swiftech 462 to cool my 1.2 266 tbird

and without success...

unclocked ... i was only able to loose 1-3 C
clocked ... i gained 6-10 C

im going to order a 120 watt pelt ...see what happens!
The 85w pelt doesn't even stand a chance of working you need the pelt to exceed the heat output of the cpu by a good margine. A low power pelt may look ok at idle but when under load, oc'd, and with higher voltage it will not deliver. Good luck with the 120, maybe try a 156. I don't know how much heat the swiftech will dissipate but if any air cooled H/F has a chance of cooling a TABird/pelt that is it.
Yup, an 85w pelt. works awesome with a PIII, But your results are about what I would expect using one on a thunderbird!
yea i kinda figured those were the results i would get... i bought that pelt about 8 mounths ago for my 900 tbird and never used it thought i would give it a try just to get the feel for it

one interesting point i tryed three diferent thermal paste`s silcone, ultra silver ,and as2,

the as2 was the only one that made a difference ;D
I just got a maze 2-2. I am debating on the size pelt to use but I am leaning twords 2x120w pelts for my portable well more like luggable lan party rig (AXIA 1.2). Right now it is ambient temp water cooled but today was unusualy hot today and I had to turn it down from 1440 to 1.33, locks at 1440 once the cpu hits about 95F.
The rig listed bellow in my sig. is most defenatly not portable. Hand truck and moving van needed :)