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8500 and Mandrake 8.1

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Mar 28, 2002
Lansdowne, VA
1st of all, no one tell me to "just d/l 8.2" as I'm on dial-up=)

Since the xfree86 4.1.X version that comes w/ 8.1 doesn't support the 8500 how do I install xfree86 4.2.0 in text mode?

See, what I'm thinking is put back my 7200, install 8.1, d/l xfree4.2.0, then install that, switch graphics card then I'm good to go. The problem is I have linux on a seperate hdd and really don't know how to get around using just the simple console. I need visuals=)

So far I've installed everything using text mode w/ the 8500, I can log in and everything but uhh..once in no idea how to connect to the internet, browse, get the file, d/l it and start the install.
Download all the .tgz from the XFRee86 site: www.xfree86.org

stick all the files in a temp directory and run the install script. Xinstall.sh I think.

I had to do this once, but I upgraded XFree86 4.0 to 4.1.
Isn't there an X 4.1 mandrake rpm on the 8.2 cd? If there is you can just download that and install it, much easier than mixing packages with tars and easier to upgrade. Although you might have to download a bunch of other stuff to get it working. Which is the beauty of the Debian apt-get system.
ATi's 8500 isn't supported w/ the Xfree4.1.X, just recently 4.2.0 came out and 2D is supported.

Anyways, because it's on a totally seperate HDD I'm going to have to put my 7200 back in and do the install that way. Get online, d/l 4.2.0, install and then switch videocards.