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8500DV 128MB now @275/275 MHz

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Magical Leopluridon Senior
Nov 28, 2001
in a magical field
ATI finally decided not to screw with their A-I-W customers and the new 128MB All-In-Wonder is now going to be clocked the same speed as the regular 8500. Good news I would say.

Thats good stuff. I'm hoping that will be my next card. I have the AIW 7500 in my kids computer and the TV features beat the hell out of my Hauppage.:D And the AIW 8500 will still score over 9300..:beer:
Ati is going to come out with a 128mb version of the 8500DV??? What a waste. Especially with memory that is so slow and a bus that cant properly utilize that amount of RAM. They should concentrate on better drivers and getting out a new product.