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8600gt doesn't boot

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Feb 2, 2016
My specs:
CPU - http://s12.postimg.org/rzpw1luvx/image.png
RAM - http://s12.postimg.org/pc0fr91ul/image.png
MB - http://s22.postimg.org/x4f3w0zw1/image.png

PSU OEM-ATX-500W-E1 12V(18A), 5V(36A), 3.3V(28A).
EN8600GT 512MB DDR3 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E168...
EAX1300 256MB DDR2 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E168...

I try to upgrade EAX1300 with EN8600GT. EAX1300 boot and work ok without any problem.
If I put EN8600GT, BIOS doesn't boot EN8600GT and boot board IGP.
BIOS succeed to boot EN8600GT twice but I don't know why and how.
And XFX 8600GT 512MB DDR2 have same problem.

SOLUTION:This board (M2N MX SE) have problem with many NVIDIA cards, better is try RADEON.
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First, welcome!

Next, your pictures are all TINY thumbnails and we cannot read a thing! Please host here at the site instead of through 3rd party, and use full size pictures (under 2MB per forum limits).

The newegg links go to newegg.com and not a specific item (though its listed so we are ok on that front).

List your system specs as well as a link (so those that know don't have to click to see what CPU/mobo/ram).

Does the 'new' card work in another PC?
Yes. But drivers are important when OS is started? My system boot but with IGP.
This is very unusual problem that PC won't to boot GPU.
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Try clearin the CMos then set the bios to boot from PCI see if that does it
I tried to claer CMOS and set default BIOS settings. I can set only [PCIE->PCI->IGP] or [IGP->PCI->PCIE].
So you do have it set to boot from PCIe first ?
I'd look at the board or PSU not giving enough power to the card. Or the board just doesn't like them. I have had that before. Do you have another PSU to test it with
I have another poor PSU 400W 12v(12A). Max TDP GPU+CPU is around 150W, PSU 500W can give 170W.
a 500W PSU giving out only 170W of 12v? That is an OLD spec PSU. And if it is that old, I doubt it could output its rated wattage on the 12v rail. 400W and 12A/144W? Yikes.....

I'd almost look there first...
12V*18A=216W This is low cost 500W PSU, it can to give real 80% power. 216W*80%=172W
Maybe MB is damaged but how EAX1300 work ok?

How BIOS succeed to boot EN8600GT twice?
That's why I think to look at the PSU. It can handle BIOS but not Windows when the driver loads
12V*18A=216W This is low cost 500W PSU, it can to give real 80% power. 216W*80%=172W
I got the math... what I am saying is that MODERN PSUs have nearly ALL their power on the 12v rail... so its an OLD spec PSU, both of them. That is VERY little power on the 12v rail on either PSU.

Also, the math doesn't work like that as far as efficiency goes. It takes more power FROM THE WALL, it does not take away from the PSU's output.

Maybe MB is damaged but how EAX1300 work ok?

How BIOS succeed to boot EN8600GT twice?

The X1300 uses less power (31W TDP) versus the 8600GT at 43W.

As far as it booting twice, maybe that was all the PSU had to give was in the BIOS, then when it got to windows.........No clue though.
Thank you for many replies!

BIOS succeed to boot EN8600GT twice

Then I can see Windows OS on my monitor with EN8600GT. And I install NVIDIA drivers when restart PC EN8600GT doesn't boot. BIOS boot and use IGP. I can't boot EN8600GT again, how then works and now not works.

EAX1300 have enough power from low cost 400W PSU, I run FurMark 20min. without problem.
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Again.... 31W versus 43W. While it is only a 12W difference, that is over 33% more load from the GPU. Also, furmark is a power virus, do not run it to test your GPU. Use Unigine Heaven or Unigine Valley.

Mark, I understand what you are saying, I do not know why it switches back... perhaps the 8600GT is faulty with drivers?
I try uninstall display driver but it doesn't help.
Have BIOS some log report to say us what is problem?
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