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86w TEC

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Senior Member
Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
Well, I replaced my 50w TEC with my new 86w TEC. And Guess what?

I got a whole 0mhz higher!

but it does run a bit cooler. The 50w would idle at around 28c @ 1.9v @ 1000mhz. This is with the door to my computer desk closed.

The 86w pelt runs around 21c with the same conditions. And about 13c with the computer desk door open. Big difference heh!

I'm thinking that unless I do some serious super cooling i'm pretty well at my limit with this chip. But atleast it will run cool enough to take me thru the summer at 1 gig. Last summer with the 50w tec it would get just hot enough to lock up while running any 3d apps. Actually at 1000mhz any temps over 29c, I cannot run any 3d aps without lockups! So the bigger pelt just gave me a little more security.
you using a shim, if so trash it. Also, be sure to use thermal compound, but you probably know that. Well, at least congrats on getting it stable, that is always really helpful.
One thing I know would bring my temps down a bit more would be to lap the heatsink. But If I can keep the system were it's at now stable I'm fine with that. 13c with the desk door open is pretty damn cold and should do fine. And no higher then 24c under extremely high cpu load. Which even while gaming wouldnt stress the cpu that much to get it that warm. While playing UT it the cpu temp only gets as high as 16.5c.

Although I gotta vent the heat directly from the heat sink to the outside of the case. Right now the system temps can get as high as 42c! Damn case gets to feelin like an oven! But the only problem with that is it will bring the cpu temps up a bit. I'm gonna go to the hardware store tommorow and get some dryer ducting. That should work pretty good and not look to bad either.