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-89c idle, 30c Max Loads, check it!

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Oct 30, 2002
New Jersey
I have my computer installed into a FREEEEEEEEEZING cold mini freezer w/ the proper conduct around the inside of the case... I managed to OC my 2600 to to 3.6 ghz using 16x226 FSB w/ an nforce2 preview board by Asus.

That and the Radeon 9700 Pro 8x AGP OC'ed from 365 mhz to 425, 2 gigs of DDR400 Corsair XMS memory.

My 3DBenchmark is about 24k, 25k.
That temp gradient is not reasonable. -89 would take a laboratory freezer costing upwards of 10 grand (or liquid nitrogen). going from -89 to 30c in a short time would almost certainly crack the core. Also, there should not be a 120 degree temp diffference from idle to load.
haha yep its not possible with an average freezer.My 2 stage split level system on the other hand would get near that temp.
Damn and I thought block/cpu contact was bad when you get 10-20c differance, but a 120c temp differance! :eek: :p
Klownin79 said:

You get a real temp anywhere near that I want to see pics.
I said near, not real close, because I use propane and it only boils at about -80f in 20 inches of vacuum.I need a better refrigerant if I want to get all the way to -120f....
If you want to find me a temp probe that goes that low that doesnt cost an arm and a leg I could get pics :)
My probe only goes to -58f, darn acu-rite's
Well I don't have my system running anymore, technical difficulties...I fried my xp, doh.
Oh and the temp probe that reports -58f can only be used to tell evap temp.Evap will probably be lower than -58f while running, but I don't know about actual cpu temp.Depends on if I can get the block mounted worth a darn...Oh and I also don't have the on die temp probe since my motherboard doesn't support it.I need a temp probe I can put next to my cpu that goes to -100 and is 20 bucks! :)

I am going to make a new block here in a bit.
I already have several pictures of my evap below -58f with no load.But I haven't really got a chance to use it on my computer long term.
I will soon enough....When I make my block I am going to revise some things to help with the inaddequite compressor cooling I am getting.
It is split level(evap is 10 feet from the compressors and condenser) and I have too much subcooling(suction line insulated to high side line) so the compressor is overheating from lack of cold vapor returning.
Ok enough rambling :)