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8K3A Problem

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Dec 22, 2001
new jersey
hi everybody how are guys doing great I hope well let me get right to my problem I have this 8K3A board bios 3/12/02 and a XP 1900+ cpu unlocked also kingmax PC 2700 I can not set my FSB between 133 and 166 I am using right know 166fsb so please if any of you guys know anything please help me out thanks
8k3a problem

HI again well I downloaded the new bios 2326 and it still will not let me use any lower FSB setting but know I went up on my FSB to 195 which is crazy and my scores are great this board is crazy all it wants to do is run quick which is not a bad thing but I just don't want to screw up any hardware don't know if I should call EPOX or not it runs like a raped ape I know my spelling sucks so guys let me know want you guys think thanks:confused:
I just installed a new 8K3A+ an have the same problem at 133fsb fine, up to 165fsb bsod. After 166fsb the mobo runs great up to 190fsb with Crucial PC2100. Some better memory an probably go higher. Running memory at turbo cas2 4way. Mobo has been stable an fast.
There is a problem, here it is: When you set the FSB to ANYTHING between 133-165, the memory is running at 166 + the value ABOVE 133. So running a 140 FSB really means the ram is running at 173 (166 + 140-133= 173) At 150 FSB the memory is running at 183. Now normally this should not be an issue but there is definately something bizarre going on with the asynchronous settings that should be fixed in a bios update soon, I hope. Until then if your chip is locked you are not in good shape. Once you hit 166 or above it all works as it should.
Hi there can you tell me what setting are you using to get to 1.8mhz only because I have a XP 1900+ and 512 of kingmax pc2700 the highest i can get is 1743 mhz cooler is a mc462 i think thats the cooler with a 68 cfm fan my board is a 8K3A here is my complete system setup maybe that can help you out so maybe you can let me know whats going on thank you very much
XP 1900+
256 x 2 pc2700 kingmax=512
cooler swiftech mc462
hd maxtor 80gig ata 133
hd maxtor 40gig ata 133
DVD pioneer slot 106s ata 66
ATI 8500 128mb
TV tuner card
Sound Blaster Audigy
realtek NIC card
400 watt power supply
custom cooled case mod with 2 120 side fans plexiglass sides
I think thats all HAVE A NICE DAY ALL
I would probably start with a multiplier that would get my fsb in the 170 or so range...say 10.5 x 172 or so. Remember that the board has a 1/5 pci divisor and a 1/2.5 AGP divisor. This should keep the hardware running in spec. Now if I wanted to play I would probably look at 180 x 10 and keep going up on the fsb looking for a max.

I presently have a xp1600 and am looking to take the chip out and redo it as I do not have the 1/2 multipliers and need to get the ram up for testing. I am looking for a 9.5 multiplier so that I can change from 173 x 10 to 182 x 9.5.
misterman87 said:
Hi there can you tell me what setting are you using to get to 1.8mhz only because I have a XP 1900+ and 512 of kingmax pc2700 the highest i can get is 1743

First what are your temps? Second what VCORE are you using to get to 1743? What PSU are you using and how is your 5V rail? I can run any number of different combos to get to 1.82, 10x182, 11x166, 9.5x192 etc. I am using a VCORE of 2V, and VDIMM of 2.8 - 3 depending on how high the FSB is. I am also watercooled so my temps at idle at 2V are 36-37C. when I was using my MCX462 at 2V my Idle was 44-46C a little too hot. Once I know the answers to these questions I can help you better.
Hi there well that explains it water cooling is the way to go which water colling kit setup do you suggest or would you suggest or anybody else I just purchased a Antec 1030 case so I should have enough space to set it up in this case also I have a allied power supply 400 watt it's 4.92 volts thanks guys HAPPY EASTER:)