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8K5A2+ owners, what is your mobo/northbridge temp with stock heasink?

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Oct 15, 2002
I hear it can run pretty hot at 166 fsb, I was thinking about adding a vantec chipset cooler to it, but I dont really feel like messing with it anymore.

So what are your temps with the stock, round or square, heatsink on it? Does it get pretty hot to touch?
well i have an 8k5a2+ and i found that with air cooling and my ax-7(no artic silver) that my temps stay about 3 degrees c above ambiant temps. im really new to overclocking but i get 166fsb easy and i hit maybe 40 to 42 degrees after a couple hour internet session of ghost recon...mind you im new so i have a tendency to up my voltage anytime anylittle thing pops up so my voltages get pretty high.. i still don't know enough about this stuff
wow i gotta update my little thing at the bottom.. that was like months ago .. anyway the case temps stay pretty good but that 27c was with and air conditioner blowing right on it..(just having a little fun with seeing what i could do.
Mustard: I'm running 200fsb right now...I'll let you know how hot it feels to the touch after some serious testing over the weekend. So far with moderate testing (and regular work running photoshop, scanning utility, excel, eudora, several browser windows, winamp, blah blah) I'm running very stable. I hope that the secondary air coming off my (ducted) ax-7 is keeping my northbridge cool. We shall see. This is a new mobo so if I fry it, I can always RMA :)

Oh yea, a1cnolan, you're talking about motherboard sensor temps for your CPU and mobo environment. These are always pretty inaccurate, regardless of MOBO maker. In fact, I think that my 8K5a2 is reporting CPU temps at least 5 degrees C LOWER than they really are...