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8K5A2+ Post your settings

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Oct 10, 2002
Highland Park, NJ
I am just curious to see what settings others are using for their OC'ed but 100% stable daily use configuration. The more detail the better:

1. CPU = XP1600+ AGOIA 0226 Z
2. BIOS = BETA 2909
3. CPU Clock = 166FSB
4. Multiplier = 10.5(still locked)
5. Vcore = 1.775(shows up as 1.74 in MBM5)
6. Vdimm = 2.60(shows up as 2.64 in MBM5)
7. DRAM = Corsair XMS3200 512MB Cas2
8. DRAM Clock = 166MHz
9. SDRAM Cycle = 2
10. Bank Interleave = 4
11. Trp = 2T
12. Tras = 5T
13. Trcd = 2T
14. Dram Burst = 4
15. Command Rate = 2T

Feel free to add to this list...


Mar 25, 2002
Washington State
Hi Ronin,

Off the top of my head and besides what's in my sig
vdimm = 2.60 (I think, and I don't have MBM 5 re-installed yet to double check. Both these voltages could be off. I'll come back and update if they're wrong.)
mem settings: 2-2-5-2, 4 bank interleave, command rate 1t. Basically all memory settings are on their lowest & fastest. This stick of memory is flat out awesome. I just read that disabling bank interleave if I only have one stick of memory is good, so I might go into bios and change that.

I just have the bios that the board came with which was released back in August. Need to update that, but on the Epox website I only see bios for the + models.


Oct 11, 2001

cpu= amd 1600 agoga 0150 or something like that
vcore= 1.85 (although i don't think i need it that high)
vdimm=stock speed
cpu clock= 176(and trying to climb)
multiplier= 9.5
bios date= 7\23\2002
Ram= samsung pc2700 cas2.5(sucks)
all of those ram sattings are set to fastest. thats one below turbo.
Cpu temp right now=36c
cpu temp(under load)=36c or 39c(jumps back and forth constantly