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8K7A+ Shut down problems

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Mar 22, 2002
Hartford, CT
I can't seem to get past 170 fsb without having a shutdown or restart problem.

I have had the system at 190 fsb run all the bechmarks I could throw at it, completed them without crashing but when I restart or shut down windows closes and gets to the point where its going to restart or shutdown and does nothing, all fans keep running, can't ctrl alt del can't turn off with power switch or reset switch. The only way to restart is shutting off power and turning back on.

I think its probly my junk creative modem, what do you guys think? Oh runnig 98se btw.
Any ideas? I actually had a similar problem with a ECS k7s5a sis 735 chip mobo. It did not like this modem, swithched it to a diomond supramax and worked fine. The esc was at stock settings though.
170 fsb?---damn! Mine won't go past 160 anymore! The 8k3a's are lookin better everyday....
190 :eek: :eek:!!! i can't get past 138FSB!! i'm pretty sure it's my HDD cuz windows says "UN_MOUNTABLE_BOOT_DRIVE" after 138... i used to get really high FSB with my crappy Quantom fireball but then i upgraded the HDD to a 120gxp and i get those errors... i'm tinking about a new hdd... :(