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8kha+ new bios

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Dec 22, 2001
new jersey
Hi guys I tryed the new bios 3/4/02 and it did not work for me i know I said that I was using it but it would not let me overclock so I went back to the 2116 bios this bios is very overclockable so just to let you guys know Have a nice day:)
8kha+ new bios 3/4/02

well I flashed my bios with this new bios and before I flashed my bios to this new one I could set all my memory to the highest setting and also it was not very stable and I could not go as high on my overclock but know I'm using the new beta bios dated 3/14/02 and so far so good also ordered a EPOX 8K3A so I can benefit out of my ata 133 hard drive and my kingmax pc2700 maybe it will overclock better hopefully new board should be here today will let everybody how I make out HAVE A NICE DAY:)
who man, slow down. ever heard of punctuation:D
any ways, i have thr new beta on mine and i got 100 more points in 3dmark, and finally got my ram stable at 1666fsb at 3,0vdimm. and my ata133 drive is recognised right off the bat in windows, no need to manually set it to ATA-100 in the bios. and EPoX made it that u can use all the mem timings at any fsb, no longer do u need to have 2 command over 145.
this is the best bios yet(IMHO). go Epox!
More info required.......

I'm still running the BIOS in my sig (from November last year) and am a bit wary of changing it, as I'm getting good results from it. Has anyone running one of the later BIOS' used the 8KHAL00.bin, and got a decent improvement all round?
new bios

running the newest on my 8kha+ (2314.bin).

no problems. one of the ram adjustments that were available with the 2116.bin bios are gone, but, if it just FEELS better.

i don't care that much for the ram jamming, there is just too much at stake, no weird sh.t when burning or doing other stuff that may choke the ram when clocked too tight.

any and all stability problems i ever had had to do with the PS. just make sure to get one with POTS, it makes a difference.

running a new Sparkle 400 (dual Pots, 12/5 and 3.3, runs m/b and five hard drives) along with a 300 Sparkle (runs ten fans and the CD drives) that is not modded as it doesn't need it for what it is doing. both in da same box, wired to fire as one. the other way around the 5 volt issue to to wire the moffset 5v lead with a 5 volt line from the ps, but that is a real pain, the POTS are the only way to go. after spending all that $$$ on the other two p/s's...........................should have just done this sooner.

once i modded the 400 (it replaced a Powermax 500 watt, nice ps, but talk about cheap with the number of outgoing leads, only two, versus four each for the Sparkles), previous to that a PC Power & Cooling unit (431 watts), both of which had NO pot adjustments, now no more strange problems, yeah!!!!!!!!! Both the 5v lines on these powerfull PS's would dip to around 4.80 under load, kinda very borderline, especially if clocking, the cpu just draws way too much current when working hard.

now, i couldn't be happier, the fans don't fade ever so slightly when under load and i haven't had ANY strange behavior whatsoever, lets me concentrate on other stuff.

err. like using the computer.

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ummm, trust me man, its the new bios. other reboot probs too. sometimes when i go into it and select save to cmos and exit it just shuts down. a bunch of people on the amdmb forums and on the AOA forums are havin the same probs. im back to 1/16 bios and all is again well.
i had to back off to 160fsb again though. and trust me bud, its not my psu