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8X Agp GF4MX400 or 4X Agp GF4ti4200 (or radion 9700 if its 8X Agp)

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Jan 14, 2002
Manchester, England (Oy whats you game?)
ok peeps, thats the subject....

8X Agp GF4MX400 or 4X Agp GF4ti4200 (or radion 9700 if its 8X Agp)

not a lot else I can say realy, been reading up a hell of a lot but I cant make my mind up at all.

Ok... im guessing, I read so much about the subject my mind is now a small turnip).

The GeForce4MX440 bandwidth is 6.2GB.
The GeForce4ti4600 bandwidth is 8.4GB.
The GeForce4MX440 AGP 8X bandwidth is 8.2GB.

Please dont quote me but the figures are therabouts.

Which one?

If the radion 9700 is 8X agp i may consider it but that would put me 100 pounds (130 dollars) over budget.

what do you think then?


Aug 8, 2002
San Jose, California
If what your after is a good 8x agp video card dont get a geforce 4 MX anything.

Ya the G4 Mx's are cheap but you pay for what you get. They dont support DX8.

The fact that they call the MX's Geforce 4's is just a gimmick therer worse than the best Geforce 2's.

If you want the best video card on the market get the 9700, but right now its expensive.

my money would go to the second best and thats the Geforce 4 TI line either the 4200 4400 or 4600 will do the trick but they arnt 8x but they are still 5 times better than that G4 Mx 8x agp.

For the price you cant beat a 4200 go with that.


Senior Member
Jun 16, 2001
ok, first AGP 8X has absolutely NO significance here....what matters is the power of the graphics chipset.....

The Geforce4 Ti4200 4X is very close to two times as fast as an MX440, and a Radeon9700 is more than twice as fast as the Ti4200....AGP4X or 8X makes no difference, 8X is just a marketing ploy though the 9700 does support 8X...

the 9700 is hands down the fastest consumer graphics card...bar NONE....