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9 and 6 billion. Let's see who made big milestones this week.

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Jul 17, 2003
All last week we had picked up a challenger but then they dropped out. Great boost in production for that team but not sustainable. Perhaps thier user had a brief window to use resources at work for a few days. The team? ExtremeHW. The user? firedfly. Past tense? "fired"? I'd be interested in their story. What a ride. Looking at thier graph, I see that firedfly goes from 0 to 1.3-1.4 billion back to 0 and up again on a month by month basis. Very cool and good for them. Good for the science too. All that to say that we don't have any teams chasing us at the moment. WOOT!

We aren't doing badly at all. Not at all.

Team stats:
We are chasing PCMR, Hardware.no, NVIDIA and EVGA. All strong teams. In 6 months time we could be #7 in the world. We are gaining back to our #1 status again. It's been a tough slog but we have done it and are doing it.

We are currently fielding 51 active folders. That's not great but we have 51 active members that we can call friends. Well. We can call our friends... "freinds" too but... well.... I mean.... ... If you fold then you;re my friend. But I have friends who don't fold so.... ... Thank you for folding with us. Our average ppd for all active folders is an outstanding 11.0 million. That's a big number. We can specifically thank those who are currently producing above that mark for raising our mean production up so high. For those below that mark, we can thank you for producing up to that number as high as you are thus allowing our average to rise.

Top 26 are earning 1 million ppd +.
Top 11 are earning 10 million ppd +.
Top 7 are earning 20 million ppd +.
Top 6 are earning 30 million ppd +.
Top 5 are earning 40 million ppd +.
Top 3 are earning 60 million ppd +.
Top 2 are earning 120 million ppd +.

Lots of 1 million ppd + folders on team 32 (overclockers.com). Lot's of heavy hitters too. It's easy to see why we are doing so well. Thank you. I'm looking at you. Not the guy earning more or less than you. I'm looking straight at you and saying thank you.

World stats:
HayesK+ALL is #32
WhitehawkEQ is #39
torin3 is#78
dfonda is #92

Bonus stats:
Holdolin is #192
HayesK_GRC is #336

Just like you all are finding when getting higher and higher stats, it gets harder and harder to reach goals. Holdolin and HayesK_GRC are going to slow down in their advancement as the numbers are bigger and bigger. Make no mistake, they are earning and earning big but so too are the numbers that they are up against.

Individual stats:
Holdolin has earned 9 billion! WOOT!
HayesK_GRC has earned 6 billion! WOOT!
FoldingAddict has just earned 600 million but will be at 700 million later today.
wjruth has just earned 600 million.
Ccsi3 has just earned half a billion. That's 500 million for guys like me.
Lowryder has just earned 400 million.
thor17usa has just earned 60 million.

Please let these guys know we appreciate them.

As an aside. Look. I know that earning a "mere" 1 million ppd can seem small next to guys earning well over 100 million ppd. Please don't ever think that's the point. The point of this exercise is to do math to help smart guys do science to better human life. So 1 ppd is helpful (maybe not 1 but whatever the lowest point value of a work unit turned in on time is). Every WU (Work Unit) you turn in is good. More is better but any is appreciated. Don't forget that point. Ever.

Thank you all so much and be safe. If you are in the war zone that we call "Spring Break", be responsible while having fun. If you are in the path of bad weather, please do what you must to be safe. California, stay dry would you? Most important, stay folding. (ED. To keep folding is NOT the most important thing. Staying safe, being healthy and having fun are all much more important.) Note: ED is short for editor not Earth Dog although if he wanted to edit this post he could. In this case, ED is a fictional character keepin' it real.
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Reminder: I should be able to update next week but not the week after. If you'd like to give it a shot, please fill in. Try it, maybe you'll like it. Put your own voice to it not mine. Make your jokes... or not if that's who you'd rather be.

P.S. Don't forget about our quest to create a stats page similar to the EOC page. We are in need of someone to take point to get the project started. We seem to be stuck at the start. We have a few folks who can do the work of taking this and connecting it to that but we don't seem to have a grasp on what "this" is to attach to "that". How do we find the hook into the data so that we can put it into our own Db?
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Geez. Reading my discription of what we need and you can see why I'm not the guy to do that. Wow! Just wow.
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You know, when I see ED, I think of something ENTIRELY different :chair:

For real though, I couldn't agree more Don. Please, don't look at folks like HayesK and myself and say "gee, my 1mil (or less) isn't anything". It is. Really.

As Don also said, y'all are friends. This is why I came back here. I'm certainly not tryin to talk trash on the horde. They good enough folks, but they're not y'all. I mean where else does a guy fall, break his back and (after we make sure he's actually ok) we make jokes hehe.

Numbers wise what I think our strong point is is our consistency. We just keep doing what we do, day in and day out. Like a rock.

As far as fired, and the team in general, I had a look-see. It seems the team had an event. I mentioned at the end of Don's post last week it looked like team EVGA all but stopped. In at attempt to duplicate Don's detective work I dug. That's when I found they apprently had a 72hr fold-a-thon type event. CoolGTX from team EVGA and a few others swapped over for the event as well as what looks like fired up or rented some compute nodes for the event.

Damn, my kids are right. I really do turn everything into s surmon... Keep up the great work all.
I returned to F@H late this January 2023 at #74 on Team 32. Today I sit at #30, averaging 43,000,000+ PPD.

I enjoy the good natured competition I find here.

I started the thread: https://www.overclockers.com/forums...ts-on-folding-extremeoverclocking-com.803234/ which morphed into the thread: https://www.overclockers.com/forums/threads/our-stats-page.803245/.

If overclockers.com would become a host of all the Folding stats pages but our pages are more informative and have a more up to date set of PPD brackets that reflect the range of outputs today compared to five years ago, then not only would it generate traffic for the site (and I assume revenue?); but would serve to generate interest in Team 32 and likely recruit more folders to the team. I would speculate that of the hundreds of Folders that would regularly use the new site, that number might include some who are looking for a place that has more activity and a friendly active forum than where they are currently.

I lack any knowledge or skills to produce such a set of stat pages, but I encourage those that do have the knowledge and inclination to do so.

So while I can not contribute to the effort to make the project a reality, I can “stir the pot”.