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PROJECT LOG 900D Unforgiven - The Metalica Build

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Amazing build, i think there's just one thing missing.
I would put some dust filters or a metal mesh on the fan's frame, it would help with the dust and so that nobody get's hurt in those blades on the fan's.
Thanks man - I warn everyone about the fans, so if they get maimed that will teach them not to touch my stuff. I know I'm going to eat some dust, that's just part of the price of admission. I do A/C repair and I carry a full size cylinder of dry nitrogen on my truck so for $11.00 I get the equivalent of about 30 cans of that dust cleaner so not big deal.
Hey everyone, I've been busy. I'm not sure if I mentioned it? but we one third place in the Asus gold contest. That was as good as could be expected, because the pictures I entered were before the case was finished and everyone that finished in front of me had great big Asus Logo's on them. In the end they treated me fairly. I have some other final pictures, but they are such high def that they would take to long to open on this forum and Image shack won't take pic's that big. Sorry about this teaser that I can't quite reveal yet. In a couple of weeks it should be finalized and then I will have some huge news. there are some big albums on my face book page that I should be able to put more of them in.


Thanks Modders for your support, It means a Lot!
congrats on making the cover of CPU mag. so cool to see your build in there.

Thanks Bro you just made my night! I didn't want to say anything until it went live, just incase. I've been looking for it and your the first to make me aware that it went to print. I never expected this to happen, I just submitted it to them on the outside chance, and they Liked it. I have to say I'm hyped up about this!!!!!!!
This was a great bit of luck for the Metallica build! I didn't figure we would get the cover of CPU,
because it was right after the CES show. I thought they would have some new gizmo on the cover.
It is extremely cool and almost surreal to see your own build on the cover of CPU magazine.
This is where my Hero's live and not someone like me.


They did a pretty cool article on the build. here is the direct link.

Sam did one final render for the build. Thanks to everyone for following the build.

Wow, congratulations! Well deserved my man, well deserved. Bravo! Great achievement for the books! :clap:

I'll have an extra one on your behalf or because I just want to in general. lol :cheers: