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900mhz Athalon is 53c....and Im very scared.......

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May 25, 2001
Yeah I had a 550mhz and I had it running at 100 degrees and when i fired up my brand new system i saw 130!!!! i was scared as hell!!! I called the guy who sold me my new motherboard and he said 130 was ok??!?!?!?!?!? He said 150 was the danger zone. So....yeah ok heres my setup. I have a midtower case and a hard drive cooler with no hard drive in the slot under the cd rom. I got an 80mm where my floppy drives would be and got my hard drive under that. I currently have no fan sucking in air through the bottom. I got a pretty big dual fan setup on the cpu. They are piggy back style....and i got an 80mm sucking air out. Now i think my cooling isnt as organized and i have many little "nether regions" that dont allow smooth airflow but im trying to find a solution. Anyone else hads theses case temps TELL ME SO I DONT HAVE TO WORRY!!!
Yeah i got some radioshack thermal compound on it...and the heatsink is pretty big.....and like i said its a piggyback fan...so im thinking about ripping out the whole bottom front of my case and mounting a 120mm in there. and then throw in some more larger ones. just by reading around here small crapppy fans dont cut it.
with mine overclocked and me running the net and doing this my temps at this exact moment are 109F or 43 C , what kind of cpu fan did you say you had , you may want to check the thermal compound on it , also with the cheap AMD approved fan the proc. came with it ran at like 143 under load and idled at 130 ,
I got a no name fan setup...and the dual fans are about half an inch apart...and they rotate at about 5000 average...dont dual fans do a better job than one? also im thinking about cutting a cardboard ring to fit around the space between the fans to focus airflow more around the proc. Damn i need a dremel for what im going to do.....