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90mm & 80mm to 60mm fan adapters

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Apr 25, 2001
Essex, UK
Recently i've seen these fantastic simple devices on sale that let you push air down 80mm/90mm and even a godamned 120mm fans to a 60mm heatsink. I want to know if these are overall better than 60mm fans.

I have a 7.2k delta fan but do not use it because of the insane noise & vibration levels. Would an adapter with an 80/90mm fan reduce sound and vibrations but still keep a good cfm going?

And has anyone actually tried out one of these adapters yet? They are pretty cheap for what they are atm.

ThermoEngine w/ Taisol 23cfm 5.5k fan IDLE ... 31°C MAX ... 39°C
ThermoEngine w/ Delta 37cfm 7.2k fan IDLE ... 30°C MAX ... 33°C

As you can see there is a massive difference. But the sound and vibration levels are at least twice with the delta fan.
Another thing is that my delta fan doesnt quite fit my ThermoEngine. How can I rectify this weird problem?
Because of the difference in air pressure and the speed of the air moving over the HS, loss of net cooling power seems to be pandemic when changing from a 60mm to a larger fan with an adapter. AFAIK, you need to replace the stock 60mm with a larger fan that's much more powerful. For example, a 42.5 cfm 80mm gives you a drop in cooling. But a monster ? cfm Delta 80mm holds its own.

Even so, you lose the maddening scream of the Delta 38.

I've read that replacing a 60mm that draws air UP through the HS, a la PEP-66, with an 80mm+ fan on an adapter doesn't incur a loss of cooling power. Dunno if this is so, or not.
i put an 80mm on my pep66 for a while... the 80mm was a 47cfm panaflo... when i run it at 12v, it was a lil quieter than the delta, but was about the same performance as when i ran the delta at 7v... i think thats what i remember... now i run my delta at 7v
Is there an article on how to put the 7.2k Delta from 12v down to 7v?
Oh and how do i get round the problem that the Delta fan doesn't actually screw onto the ThermoEngine right? ATM one screw goes 90% way in and the rest are like 50%-70% way in. Would rubber spacers do the job?