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92mm or 120mm to 80mm adaptor?

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May 15, 2001
i'm still not getting the desired temperature that i was hoping for with tge PAL8045. the temperature dropped about 2C when i switched to a 50cfm sunon fan from a 48cfm YS Tech fan. but the sunon is far too loud. and the YS tech fan is on the edge. so i'm wondering, will a 92mm or 120mm to 80 mm adaptor work? will it give me better results? and plus where would i find an adaptor from an 80mm? all i found were 60mm adaptors.

i have my fan sucking (i tried turning it around, its best to suck), cooling a tbird 1.33 nonOCed. current temps are 43C under load (seti), 27C case temp. maybe 25C room temp.
There have been alot of posts asking about adapters that go from 80mm to 120mm & nobody (myself include) seems to be able to locate any to purchase. Most everybody ends up just fabricating their own. Some seem to work well & others don't.
I've been looking around for awhile to find a 80mm-120mm adapter, as you can see in a few of my posts on these forums. Here's what my research has found: www.hardcorecooling.com used to sell 60mm-120mm adapters, along with 80mm-120mm adapters. They stopped manufacturing them alittle more than half a year ago. If you look hard enough, you still might be able to find one or something similar.

But if you do manage to find a 60mm-120mm, in theory you could use the amuzuma universal adapter to attach it to the 80mm heatsink. This brings up a whole new problem, in that the combined weight of two adapters and a fan could be enough to lift the HSF off a corner of the CPU. The lighter the adapter the better off you are, if you decide to go this route.

Best bet: amuzuma adapter w/ a good 92mm 100+/-CFM fan. It will still be more quiet than a 80mm fan, or close. I'm beginning to realize that the noise doesn't bother me much. I guess all those concerts I went to in my youth might have something to do with it.
I am going to build a 120mm to 60mm or closer to 70mm to fit around the out side of my fop38. I want to make a shroud so that i can also make it suck.

Ill let you know how it goes