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9600 Problem

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Jul 14, 2003
I just bought a 9600np. I formatted my drive and went with a fresh install of Windows XP. I installed the latest drivers from ATI's website. I then proceeded to install Age of Mythology. This is where it gets hairy.

AOM is installed, as well as Titans. When I run titans, it loads everything fine. It loads the main menu. If the mouse is moved, the game crashes. You can let it sit for over an hour and it will not freeze unless the mouse is moved. I have tried turning down the hardware acceleration etc. I have nothing overclocked on this computer at all (Its really my bro's computer). Lords of Everquest works fine, its just AOM that I have noticed so far.

Other sites say this may be related to motherboard. I am running this on an ECS K7AMA. I was wondering if anyone with this card has similar problems, or if a change in mobo would make a difference. Tomorrow when I get home from school I plan to test the card in my computer(A7N8X Deluxe) to see if it will work on my motherboard.

This sucks because we cut out the UPC from the box so we can't take it back :( I think my dad threw away the box as well, my brother was pretty upset about this but now I can see why. I suppose I could "sell" him my ti4200 for 20 bucks, ebay or classifieds his 9600 for 70 (hard without a box I'm sure) and then put the 20 towards a new 9800 pro.

Anyways, back to the main problem. Post if you have any experience with this card and freezing with mouse movement.

Edit: I updated AOM and it did not help. I also emailed customer service @ ATI.