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9600pro trouble

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New Member
Dec 14, 2003
Hello I have just purchased a ATI 9600pro and put it all in with the latest drivers I have win XP but I have a problem the OS keeps crashing after about 30 sec also when I’m in the OS when its about to crash I have some funky colours come up I can’t play games or any think
So I installed win ME with all the latest drivers and it works fine 2001se 74003d marks 3d mark 2003 2500
But I want win XP back on and get it all up and running can somebody please help my system specs are:

pcchips 810
300w PSU
coolermaster airo 7+
40gb 7200rpm 80gb
sb live 5.1


Dec 8, 2002
Suffolk, UK
Im not sure if i can help but i have also had this problem when a friend brought a sapphire 9600pro. We could not get it to run on his cheapy jetway board. it sounds like its exactly the same problem as you are having. It would boot into windows but would crash, sometimes within a few seconds but sometimes it would complete a 3dmark with no problems. Unfortunatly we had to solve the situation by buying a new board.

i think it was caused by the AGP somehow but i never worked out exactly how to fix it.

Try playing with the agp settings and make sure you have the latest drivers for your board.

Sorry i cannot be of more help.