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9700 Mod

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Apr 10, 2002
anyone mod the heatsink by either replacing it or adding AS3 or something? Do you find that that square plate needs to be removed? For that matter can it be removed? It seems kinda lie a shim or something.... I modded it with AS3 and it now tends to overheat cause the damn shim will NOT allow contact between the core and the heatsink, should I go back to the weak ol stuff tha was on there initially? WHere do you get that stuff anyway? A ton of questions...........waitning for a ton of responses CYA!
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Nov 17, 2001
can you post any pics of the shim? I'm getting my card this week and would like to know a little more about it first. I'm impatient



Dec 13, 2001
Cooling became WORSE with AS3?...hmm...wonder if that "shim" sits higher than the core itself...

Just a theory....

can you see if theres any gap left when the HS is placed on the core? You can do this by using something like a small straightedge or even the edge of a razorblade from one side of the "shim" to the other over the center of the core, if there is a miniscule gap, chances are that's what is causing it to overheat...

i'll be getting a 9700 to replace my 8500 soon...nice to know if the "shim" needs to either be removed or somehow leveled down to the same height of the core.


Aug 19, 2002
Yes the shim is higher than the chip.

I believe that the shim was introduced to prevent the manufacturing process from crushing the core. If you want solid contact, it must be removed, which of course will void your warrenty.

I removed mine and I am getting much better temps.

By the way, with a "normal" amount of AS3 and my waterblock, I was only getting around 25% contact. My temps were as follows

Stock Idle 48 Load 54
WB w/ shim Idle 32 Load 40
WB w/o shim Idle 28 Load 32

When I put the double amount of AS3 with WB and shim I got 32 Idle 35 Load.

So, the shim is useless and actually hurts the temps.