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9700 OC problems, Gf3Ti500 overheat

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Sep 24, 2002
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Ok, two things i need a little help figuring out.

1. My 9700 Pro just lost its taste for overclocking (didn't have much at first). I heard they don't like the AGP Mhz to be raised very much, so I can't get my system stable in 3DMark or any games at much over 145fsb (21x = 3045Mhz). I've heard of people going to 3.4Ghz on stock voltages. Now the card itself I OC'd the other day to 350core/350mem(700DDR) and it was stable (broke 15k!), but now I can't push it up much, if at all without instant artifacts.....any ideas?

2. I had a Gf3Ti500 in another computer (Dell 8200, 2Ghz non-northwood) that was doing artifacts, but I never overclocked anything in that system. I go in the case after shutting it off one day and touch the card......burning f#$!ing hot! No clue on this one.....



Dec 9, 2001
Me and Jawsome got the same card.. man does it run hot. Come christmas time I'll be upgrading to something that runs cooler, like ATI 's new line.