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980 gtx folding

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Jan 20, 2010
Hampshire, England
Hey guys,

Ive been out the game a while and used to fold x86 before gpus so bear with me.

What optimizations can i make for folding on a 980 gtx?

In addition, I have a slot free and wouldn't mind picking up a new dedicated folder card, so whats popular these days for cash/ppd/tdp ratio?

Thanks in advance, and yes i remembered to put team 32 :)
i believe the 970 is the sweet spot but they definitely have a ppd increase folding in linux vs winders. im sure lots of the guys with 970s will chime in soon :D
Fortunately my home server runs Linux (just Ubuntu I'm no Unix master) which is where I'll be setting the card up, do semi-quiet 970s exist? My reference 980 would be too loud to fold 24/7
^what he said :D any axial fan cooler will run pretty darn quiet. It'll dump heat into the case but the 970s run pretty cool anyway.
perfect, Im thinking brand new 970, folding until it gives up the ghost, thanks for that guide too! need all the help i can get when it comes to linux
Don't thank me, thank HayesK.
all the commands in the thread are copy and paste, the two links for f@h control and the other one open in software center and self install.

another link is to another thread and it tells you how to install cool bits and clock your card and adjust the fan speed.