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9900k, Asus Maximus Xi, 128GB 3600mhz, Quadro, M.2 - anyone know some good OC?

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May 26, 2005
Simpsonville, SC
Hi Y'all. Long time since I've posted, hope you can help an oldtimer

CPU: 9900k, running at 5ghz on all cores, cpuz says 1.261V, 130°F under full stress load.
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i
MB: Asus Maximus XI
RAM: Corsair 128GB, 3600Mhz, currently fastest I can make it go is 3333Mhz w/ 1.375V & XMP settings.
Video: Quadro 6000M w/ 24GB
HDD: 2x M.2 970 Pro 1TB in a stripe.
Network: Mellanox ConnectX-2 (10GB/s)
PS: Corsair AX1600i (yea, I know, but there was a global shortage when I built it and this was all that was avail.)

So I've been overclocking for years I guess you could say. But I only do it for myself and only build a new station every 5yrs or so. I've probably forgotten more than I ever knew.

I do CAD/FEA/Motion/Rendering. Some very single core intensive, some of that will peg all cores. A balanced system is critical.

There are a boat load of settings that look familiar in the Bios of the Maximus and I've tweaked several, but I'll be honest, I have neither the time nor inclination to be the gunnie pig when I figure some of you have OC'd this setup and could give me a good starting point. I did search, couldn't find what I was looking for.

Anyway, I need some help. Has anyone got a good set of baseline OC settings for this bios? Thanks in advance.
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We've got a guide on the front page too. ;)

Did you set the memory to XMP? That said, you've got a holy ton of it, so I'm not sure you'll get 3600 with 128GB. Maybe 3200. Try setting XMP but set the memory speed to 3200 and see if it works. You'll certain;y need to add some System Agent voltage to help those sticks.

Multipler should go over 50... no reason not to.......
Yes, set to XMP. It will not post past 3333mhz. But at 3333 it passes all the burn-in software and benchmarks. Yea, I've cranked up the voltage, but nothing helps.
I put a support call into Corsair, they finally responded and are demanding that I do 4 days of Memtest86 before they will help me.
Finished that yesterday morning and moved on with the above link's OC while I await Corsair's eventual response. IMHO their support sux.

Extreme Tweaker has to be enabled in the bios to get it to go over 5.0. The link above said to disable it. It boots at 5.2Ghz & 1.32V, but under a Cinebench load it will crash BSOD.

Everything I'm seeing says I'm overwhelming the H100i Pro cooler. Sadly, there's no more room in the case for a 3 fan radiator.

At 5.1Ghz & 1.32V Cinbench will sometimes complete, sometimes crash, doesn't BSOD, just app crash - so it's close to running under this load - it's HOT tho.

Aida64 on FPU goes way high and throttles. At 5.0Ghz & 1.25V Aida can run and not throttle, but it's hovering at 92-95°C

My primary use is CAD/FEA/Rendering and occasionally Forza. If I understand right, none of this will load the machine the way Aida FPU will, so it's an unreasonable benchmark.
CAD Rendering will do what Cinebench will do, but general CAD is single CPU, FEA can hammer all, but it's got to be in the right mode and stage of the analysis, otherwise it's single core work.

I probably ought to leave it at 5.0 and be happy, but...there's an 300mhz in the ram I paid for, and 100mhz in the CPU and I want it!
Well, I just don't think you're going to be able to get that much memory running at that speed (3600) for that capacity. You may have paid for it, but that's water under the bridge (unless you can return them). Stabilizing that much RAM at that speed is difficult at best....but highly unlikely in the first place. I'd enjoy the 3333 you have. The difference in performance between 3333 and 3600 isn't much anyway. ;)
Well, I'm able to get the Ram up to 3466mhz with the settings in the vid above. I tried adding a little voltage, but 1.35 seems to be where it's happy.

Corsair is peddling at this point. All I was looking for was some OC help from them and they have not made this a pleasant experience.

The CPU is stuck at 5.0 0AVX 1.25V, anything more and it overheats, but it runs everything I've thrown at it at those speeds.

I think it's a good CPU in the lottery. It boots and runs at 5.2, but when I hit the gas with a stressor it overheats. Seems to like 5.2 1AVX and 1.325V, but exceeds 90°C pretty quickly, even boots w/ 0AVX at 5.2.

The case is big, but not big enough for a 360 AIO. Maybe I could jury rig it in there. Or {shudder} a custom.

I have to think about where it's going...for now, it's running, and it's running faster than it was yesterday. :) Thanks for the help.
Oh. Forgot to mention. Switched the CAD stations' Quadro M6000 out for the GTX 2080 Super from my daily driver. Nice bump in benchmark performance....CAD...not so much. LOST big! That's what, a 6yr old card vs best last summer?

Quadro cards still RULE when it comes to CAD. That's this machine's J.O.B.

Now shutting down to swap back GPUs. Uggg, not fun.
maybe tomorrow
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I played musical chairs with GPUs the other day...long story short, everybody is back in their proper spot and all's running as should be.

I believe I've reached the max speed for this hardware under the H100i cooler. So until I can acquire a better cooler (and maybe de-lid) I'm stopping. It's can go faster, but it's pretty fast now