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9900KF $419.00 @ Newegg

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Mar 11, 2003
Just finished a build with one of these !!! Idle temps 23C , load temps 75C ish/Prime 95 SmallFFT. All 8 cores within 5C. Needless to say it's a beast !!.



May 7, 2005
You should post these in the cyberdeals section. Im sure a mod will move it once its noticed.

Btw amazon had them for the same but only for a few days and they sold out.


Jan 12, 2015
Yea I grabbed one of those for $420.00 and then blew a pin in the socket :( I haven't gotten to play with it yet, waiting on a EVGA RMA #

In Other News :comp: :chair:

:rofl: Intel is slated to release the i9-9900KS (Kitchen Sink) Edition before 1 Dec 2019. The i9-9900KF (Known Faulty) Edition has been shown to clock ~ 100MHz faster than the standard i9-9900K (King) Edition. :welcome:

Intel has declined (at the moment) to give estimated Clock Speeds of the new CPU. <- They have stated that it will be compatible with the exiting z370/z390 Chipset.
This would lead us to believed that it is still based of the Sky/Kaby/Coffee/Cannon Lake CPU's 14nm(++++). Pricing is also unknown BUT is expected to cost more than the AMD R9 3900x. :screwy:

Stay Tuned as we Bring you more useless information :facepalm:

Thank You