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A better Riddle...

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Jun 22, 2001
Setting up my case I wondered why it was so hot...(i still do)..but anyway, I finally realized that the intake fan was backwards...hmmmm...so problem solved...I flipped it and......Nothing...mabye a 1c drop...what the heck? I have rounded cables and everything....weird or what...my poor hot computer....
My guess would be that the air flow around the fan is restricted to the point that the fan isn't 'getting enough air.' The normal metal grills and the bezel panels don't allow for enough air flow to shift temps significantly. Pull out the dremel (if you are so inclined) and open up the space between the fan and the room, and you should see better results. Hope this helps!
Room temp is prob about a little above 70...the prob with the case is that all the power reset stuff is right in front of the fan hole...it draws air through an opening at botttom of front banal (bottom, not bottom front)...also Ive taken off the front panel and it doesnt seem to get more air through...mabyue cutting the metal holes out would help anyway??
hmm 70F thats about 24-25oC right?
Cutting out holse for the fan helps a lot when all you have is crappy little punched holes
Ill try it and i hope it helps...but these seem to be pretty decent sized holes...Ive seen some pathetic holes but these are like the size of a screw head...

The help on this forum is great...thanks a lot.

Im pullin the jigsaw out as we speak....
if u can buy or borrow a pc cam, these guys can help even more.
just a suggestion for future!

u definitley need more air flow.
Airflow includes getting all the nasty hot air out. I finally broke down and put a 92mm blow hole in the top of my case. WOW. I am running just a few degres over ambient temp.
ya, stuffin more air in dont really help if its all gotta get shoved out the PSU ,, unless its like an enermax or somethin