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A Better way to update your drivers.

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Feb 9, 2016
I don't know about you guys but I'm sick of the way ASUS MSI and the rest of the motherboard manufacturers update drivers for maybe 2 years and that's it.

I'd like to share a method that works for me and I'll be the first to admit I don't know everything to do with PC's and my main weakness is overclocking but I never have had the need to so or even turn the wattage down on a CPU to get it to run cooler,but I do work on my own PC plus fix and build a bunch in my spare time.

The method I use is to use a driver checking program called IOBit Driver Booster Pro and scan my pc and see what drivers it shows are out of date.

What I like about IOBit Driver Booster Pro is that is shows the build number of the currently installed driver and then the suggested updated version,if your thinking I hope isn't stupid to let the driver checking program install the driver and the answer is no,I have let driver checking programs in the past install drivers and it tried to install the wrong driver twice so never again.

What I do is I look at the installed driver and the suggested update driver and compare the build numbers and if the suggested driver is newer I will search for it on google and I just type in the drivers build number,the odd time google will think it's an IP address and if that's the case just type in the intel management engine if that's what your trying to update with the drivers build number after it.

You'll find sometimes but not a lot some legit sites may have the driver on there site and some are just a driver checking site wanting your money.

What I do is look for a search result showing me Microsoft Update Catalogue,I have gotten a lot up updated driver using this method and Microsoft Update Catalogue,if you download drivers from Microsoft Update Catalogue you won't get exe installer type drivers just loose dll files and I just put them in a put folder and name it what the device is and the drivers build number.

This is a step by step of the method I use,as I already said I scan my pc or person's with the driver checking program then select the drivers I want to search for.

As an example and you can use the links for your self to do a test run,it wasn't that long ago I scanned my pc and updated intel management engine interface I just typed into google this build number 2406.5.5.0 and it will take you to this same page.


You can see the result I clicked on to go to Microsoft Update Catalogue that has all the result's for the driver I'm looking for,I circled it red in the picture.


You will see a bunch of downloads and sometimes they have different kb or mb size's and you may need to download a few to find the right one,I have haven't had any problems doing it this way because I Device Manager to install the driver and it will see if it's the right driver or not and will tell you your current driver is the most up to date if it's the wrong one for your PC or device.

After clicking on the download button on the right hand side of the screen a new window will appear and it will have a blue hyperlink and I circled it in red as well,all you need to do is click on that and it will download the driver for you.


Once you have the driver open Device Manager and as in this example I'm updating Intel Management Engine Interface,just scroll down and find System device's then expand it and update the driver from there by right clicking on Intel Management Engine Interface and selecting update driver then choose the search my computer for the driver and target the folder it's in and your done.
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The one thing I want to make very clear to any new person to pc's or trying to find drivers never let a driver checking program install a driver no matter how good it claims to be it will come back to bite you sooner or later.

With IOBit Driver Booster Pro I find it will sometimes not find the latest driver either and suggest an older driver then what's currently installed and if that's the case just skip it,everytime I have seen IOBit suggest a newer version of the driver and the builder number was newer then the installed version I have always found a newer version of the driver most times.

Microsoft Update Catalogue also won't always have every driver known to man on it but I find it normally has the most important ones and a bunch of others to,you'll also find Windows update miss's a lot of driver updates which really sucks when Microsoft has a website hosting drivers it could have installed threw Windows update.
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Interesting. I never bother to look past the mfg website unless I need to(functionality update)/there's a problem with the device...especially using a 3rd party app. My kiddos both have an older systems that work fine using the latest on the mobo website. I dont feel a need to hunt down anything newer.

While updating to the latest and greatest seems like a good idea, and generally it is, doing so after the mfg stops is an 'at your own risk' type thing as they did not test/approve/make it available. Chances are they stopped testing/support and it will work fine, but doing so isn't without risk.

Thanks again for sharing this method!
The problem if you need a Realtek driver I have never had any luck with getting anything from their site,I look at like this if the driver did cause problems for me then I would just uninstall it.