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A Blessing or a Curse

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Senior Member
Apr 21, 2001
Well, I'm quite happy with my new Radeon 32mb DDR. The problem is that my CPU is now always overclocked at 772 mhz (7.5*103). Before that, I had to use CPUFSB to get that speed. Now, it always boots up at that speed. When I reinstalled my Matrox, I was able to change the speed settings again. Whenever I try that with my Radeon, I always get a "Failed to set PLL" message. Could anyone have any ideas as to why?
Shadow ÒÓ (Jun 21, 2001 03:01 p.m.):
I have a suggestion..........try posting in the proper area.

with 111 posts, I'd think by now you have a pretty good idea of our posting policy.

Grumpy today, huh?.. I was wondering which one would be appropriate myself, as this seems related to the video cards (since when he swaps them his system specs are changing)...

As for the problem, I can't say I've ever seen this, or heard of it (yet)... I'm sure given enough time someone here will know what it means.

You may want to check your AGP multiplier, that's the best I can think of.
Thanks Dan =)

Now that it's in the right area, sounds like a software conflict. Try removing the software that came with your vid card temporarly. I'll bet it'll run fine and OC as it's supposed to.
Sorry, it's kind of a shady area as to where to post this. Wasn't really sure as to where it belonged. Anyways, thanks, i'll be sure to try the input