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A few quick MX questions

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Dec 19, 2000
First off I have a question about my memory clock. I thought it was 175/166, but when i used NV Max to overclock the video card it tells me its 334 Mhz. Im almost certain that this card does not have DDR memory so why is it doubleing the memory clock. Second question has anyone tried to put a Blue Orb on this card. Take a look at my signature the info is there. Also what size ram sinks should i use?
Sounds like the software isn't reading your memory speed properly. Have you pulled the Heatsink to check what it is? Maybe you got a free Geforce 2 or something! hehehe :)

Try applying the registry key to open up the Nvidia bits (or whatever it's called) and see what it says your memory speed is in there.

well I took off the heatsink and....darn its just a plain old Geforce 2 Mx200. Well maybe next time. The memory is made by Vigour. Although my time was not a complete waste. I noticed that the thermal adhesive or thermal paste(im not sure which one it was kinda between hard and pastey) was applied to only about a fourth of the core and not even very well on that part. So i took some nail polish remover and got it off then applied a nice thin coat to both the heatsink and gpu. By the way that heatsink was really hot. Like it must have been about 110 degrees.
You probably got 64bit ddr memory. 64bit 334mhz ddr = 128bit 167mzh sdr. Not many of the 64bit ddr mx card around.
Well if i did get DDR memory then I am one looking son of a b***h cause you can read this and it obivously says that my card has only 64-bit memory, although I wonder if I got my card with the memory thats supposed to go on the Geforce 2 MX400 card. Thats 128-bit SDRAM. Anybody know a way to find out which type of memory is on my video card.