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A few WATER cooling questions. Making the switch ..please HELP

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May 27, 2001
San Diego, CA
Ok. I think im going to move on to water cooling. After doing some looking around i have came to the conclusion that the dangerden kit is the best overall. My only other chioce would be the blizzard kit which i would like to know if there reactor waterblock is better than the maze2 and if there fusion cool radiator is better than dangers dens cube. Second.. if i get want to also cool my video card how much performance will i expect to lose from my cpu cooling. I s a solution for this buying say a eheim 1060 600 GPH pump that can pump more? Basicaly what i am asking is what is the best water setup that i can get for my cpu and video card. I am willing to spend just about anything. I have a thunderbird 1.4 @ 1.6ghz along with a hercules geforce 2 64mb pro so these are some things that realy need to be cooled. I will also be useing a 156 watt peltier.
definately go with a DD kit, they offer the best performance I have seen and have top notch quality on all their products. As with cooling the Vid card, usually you don't see much of a performance gain overclocking them, even with better cooling.
I'd go with the Danger Den Maze-2 block, but I'd use the BECOOLING radiator as it's smaller and easier to fit into a case. The rest of the stuff you can get at Home Depot and Radio Shack and save about $20 in the process.
I agree with the Danger Den recommendations. Top notch gear and service. If you use a 156 watt pelt, your water temps are going to go up about 10C. All that heat will go to the chipset block on your video card. If you run without the pelt, the heat from the video card will raise your CPU temps a couple of degrees. May I suggest that with or without a pelt that you consider a monster sized HSF and good case ventilation to handle the video card. Once you have some experience with water cooling, then you may want to explore the option of getting your video card wet.
You really shouldn't need water cooling on the vid card anyways. That would just be overkill. My lapped blue orb works great on my G3 and that runs hotter then a G2 ultra. If you have good case cooling, then once you put the CPU water block on and take that heat out of the case, the MB temps will drastically drop. When I first got my setup hooked up, my case temps went from 36C with a HSF to 23C with the water block. What happens is that the air cooling HSF takes the heat off the CPU and blows it into the case which just adds to the heat in the case and MB. Once the water cooling setup starts taking that heat to the radiator for a ddirect line out of the case, the heat added from the HSF is no longer there and the case will not run nearly as hot as it did with that hot air from the HSF. I had bad case cooling, enough to get by with, when I got 23C from a 21.5C ambient temp. I took out the old 80mm intake and replaced it with the 80mm high output Delta 68cfm and dropped my case temps to withing 1F of ambient. And I haven't even changed out the HSF on the chipset at all. Now THAT'S the improvement I liked. Just my suggestions...