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A friend in trouble

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Jul 20, 2001
A friend of mine has an xp2100 cpu, kt333 ga7vrxp mobo, 1gb of pc2100 corsair cas 2 ram, gainward golden sample geforce 4 ti4200. He recently tested a good quality 512mb stick of pc2700 in there. It worked fine, and when it came time to put his old ram back in, it would not boot. Not with 2 sticks or just one in there. No signal to monitor. He's cleared the cmos, waited at least 2 hours on one of the attempts. Still, absolutely nothing. The mobo will cycle and everything. Just no signal to the monitor. The monitor itself works fine, as he's using it with an hp pc (blech) for the time being. Any ideas?
Try to reseat the ram and vid card and see if it helps. Start with just one stick at a time. Go thru all sticks in this way using only one at a time. It could be one of the sticks got a static charge. Or the vid card could have come unseated a bit. also make sure the computer was unpluged from the wall when he clears the cmos. Try that and then post back:D
Yeah, we've done all that.. :( Lots and lots.... the ram works fine in my comp... COULD be the vid card though...
plug in the pc2700 ram go in bios set the speed to pc2100 (1:1 cpu:mem) and then turn off and put the old stick in. I bet you the bios is set for 333mhz memory and the 266dimm can't even dream about taking that speed.
Heh, it can't go into the bios. There's just absolutely no signal to the monitor no matter what.