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A friendly warning to BigBlockk

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Dec 25, 2001
I had a silly thought earlier tonight... are there any active folders who have folded longer than me on team 32. I'd like to say it's not a blow your own trumpet kind of thing, but that would probably not be true, but I was genuinely curious, I honestly would hope there are others who've been doing it longer who are still active... sadly I found none. If there is an easy way to find such info it alluded me, so sorry to any true long term warriors who out date me, but a few minutes research didn't discover you. I did find one interesting fact though, I share the same 1/1/04 start date with one other team member.... yes we started on the exact same day, and they're still folding. They're also nearly a billion points ahead of me. ... hmm Maybe I've had too much to drink tonight.. but I mean... I mean you know... I should challenge them. Come on otto ... overcome the wife barrier, vid cards are almost reasonable again... try and get after BigBlockk. Stroking my beard and thinking on it.
ok, I feel dumb. A little further digging and the original Don256 has the same start date... that's too much a coincidence to ignore. Was there some reset of points at that point? Guess so.. well then nevermind .. who knows who the OG around here is... well I guess somebody knows. LOL
Looking through my old screenshots, I see a creation date of December 8, 2007 for this picture. Not sure when I actually started, because I see folding prior to that. But it was somewhere between Dec 04 and Dec 07.


I also remember I used a different stats source for the first year or so before switching to the Extreme Overclocking stats.

Other than a short stint with Curecoin, I've been continuously folding with T32 since I started. (Sometimes under me, sometimes on the chimp sub-team).
IIRC EOC started keeping FAH Stats on 1/01/04, so there wouldn't be any earlier reference. EOC Stats show my first record as 10.01.05 for Team 32. I've been folding since the old Folding@Home / Genome@Home screensaver days, where you could choose either project, or leave default.
The first record I have of my folding is 11/19/2001. My user number is 4737. The only active folder I can find that is older is Clint. His user number is 4730.