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A funny PSU?!?!?!?

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Aug 7, 2001
Rite, i've got a PC that i'm fixing (hopefully?!) And the problem seems to be that every time I press the switch to turn it on, it doesn't boot first time. I have to take out the plug, which then all the lights flash and go off again, (indicating the PSU reseting?!) I leave it for about 2 mins and then try again. It works first time after that Untill I shut it down, and try again.
It sounded like it was a faulty PSU or switch. So I managed to work out what make the MOBO was, it was an ATX because there was a 20-pin connector block from the PSU to the MOBO. (am I rite in this assupmtion?!)
Anyway, would a new case with a new Switch and PSU fix this problem?
Thanks alot,

Plus- Will E-machines take 300watt PSU's, because it's smaller than any ATX one's i've seen before?!


Oct 30, 2001
Yes the 20 pin connector is ATX. It does sound like the PSU is not giving it enough voltage. There shouldn't be anything wrong with the switch if it turns on and off. A new PSU may solve the problem. You also might want to make sure the PSU is dusted out. Sometimes if they are clogged with dirt etc. they will act funny.

Sorry I don't know much about E machines. i've heard some bad things about them. If it has the same 20 pin connector and there the same then you should be able to change PSU's.


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2000
Albany, NY
A couple of the e machines I have seen had a slightly different screw layout from regular ATX PSUs, so you might end up using only three holes. Before you buy a new PSU make a template or measure, so you know what to look for.