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A Gaming device with lots of power on a low budget

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Apr 24, 2018
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
So i recently got back into gaming thanks to my GS6 and Google play store lol, but I no longer have a console. I know cry me a river rite "I only have a Galaxy S6" but as awesome as my galaxy s6 is with vivid high res display and smooth fast game play I do get interrupted quite a bit from calls, messaging, emails and that's just the main 3 not to mention all the social media and many other ways to be interrupted during gameplay on your cell phone. Now this has never presented itself as a problem till i got more serious about my gaming and my type games got more in-depth. Like online games where you can dedicate many months to building your in-game levels and strengths. So i realized that even know my GS6 is amazing for playing games its not so practical anymore with my new found in-depth games where interruptions equals negative effects on rankings and scores and kill counts and kill/death ratios etc..
Now to get to my point.. The need for a practical gaming device that will give me uninterrupted gameplay fun but the catch is I'm pretty broke lol. Hence the title of my forum "Gaming Device with good power on a low budget"
Now you might be thinking good luck finding anything worthwhile let alone something as good or even nearly as good as my GS6 on a low budget of.. ready for this... just under $200. (THATS CANADIAN CURRENCY BY THE WAY) I can already hear the "OK BUD GOOD LUCK, YA RIGHT LET ME KNOW HOW YOU MAKE OUT" Yes I know... I sound crazy. lol. Now normally this would be really hard to do I'd Imagine. Actually I'm pretty sure I totally and utterly lucked out extremely here cuz i was able to find a perfect answer to my dilemma. Yes that's right I found a very good contender my friends for less than $200 Canadian. Actually I believe this answer is more than perfect. As if the sun moon and stars aligned in my favor. So with a budget that is just short of 200$ (Canadian) I start out with little to no hope on finding anything game worthy. But you never know till you research it and boy is that true cuz i was really left with only a used option with my budget. A brand New device was not an option at all for i had barely enough to pay the tax on a new gaming device from a store. Online i go to check the usual sites kijiji and Craigslist and low and behold i found the answer to my dilemma when i come across a tablet but what caught my attention was the manufacturer of the device cuz in my search i was thinking a used few years old gaming laptop maybe or a decade old gaming PC that i could slowly upgrade over time as I could afford to. So what did i find on Kijiji?
What caught my eye was the renowned Advanced PC Gaming technological guru "NVIDIA" yes the SHIELD K1 Tablet. Right away I'm very intrigued by the manufacturer as you all se why. The next thing i notice instantly after who made the tablet was the price. rite at my budget of $180. then i see there's a total of 3 Shield K1's for sale on kijiji all around my budget. $180 for the first one i saw then $200 for the next one and $220 the last one. Im ecstatic at this point in total disbelief that it took no time to find what seems to be a more than perfect answer to my gaming dilemma. first thing i do is find out if all the tablets are available and low and behold all 3 were still available. i then proceed to research the tablet for spec's and user reviews and again im blown away by the spec's of the SHIELD K1 with its Groundbreaking KEPLER Architecture and K1 processor with get this 192 CORES. WOW am i dreaming i thought. so there must be a catch im thinking the only 2 G's RAM jams it up probably thats why its so well priced. but after hours of research review reading i realized i lucked out extremely for it runs high end games flawlessly for the most part and doubles as a gaming console with a tethra of awesome features like pc game streaming from your own PC or from there in device HUB with a stable packed with games and Google play and so much more. The luck don't stop there either because along with the tablet there's a wireless controller that is very good apparently and a kickstand to keep tablet up rite in 3 different positions (cool) and an otterbox high quality protection cover. Let me know what you think of my find ladies and dudes and if anyone has first hand experience with the Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet I'd love to hear from you. Thanks.
Please share a story of prevailing over unbelievable odds and researched your way to overcome the obstacles to make out way better than you ever thought possible. I started out as a curious joke looking for a gaming device with the budget i had to work with, but against all odds i ended up happier than i ever thought possible with what i got for under $200 and had it shipped to me by Canada post from Ottawa to Oshawa. (about a 3 hour drive separates the 2 cities) all for under $200. Very happy with my find and it should arrive tomorrow. i'll let everyone know what i think of it as soon as i get a chance to play on it for a few days
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He has something and wants us to share a similar story with him I believe.
Please share a story of prevailing over unbelievable odds and researched your way to overcome the obstacles to make out way better than you ever thought possible.
Great.... I am glad you found something that met your needs in your budget.

Welcome to Overclockers...... :welcome:
I am not super familiar with this device but if I remember correctly this device relies on a streaming service from Nvidia to play games. I am sure if this is the case there is an associated monthly subscription fee. Did you take this into account when you bought the system? I am curious to know what games this can run natively without having to stream. You will have to let us know what your impressions are when you get it in your hands and how well it plays games.
Old devices but I've heard good things about them. Solid CPU/GPU combo if I recall right. I don't think it did very well sales wise in tablets but, I believe the Nintendo Switch uses a variation of the chipset.

I'd be curious if nVidia would ever consider releasing newer version of their portable chip for tablets.