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a good suggestion for overall better sys. stability

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Mar 15, 2001
Mt. Brudges, Ontario, CA
I have a wierd story that happened to me yesterday. When i woke up my nieghbor had brought me a server and turbolinux. After setting up linux i noticed that my main computers temps had gone throught the roof! :( The sytem had reached 61C!!!! (D700 @ 1125). This was very odd because it usualy sits at a comfortable 47C. So i shut it down and inspected the system top to bottom, nothing whong. then i tryed unpluging the server and booting mine back up.......BOOM! $%#$% braker blows!!! This was a very bad turn of events. So after reseting the braker I tryed running all 3 of my comps at once..........BOOM! IT HAPPEND AGAIN!! CRAP!! So it was time for a trip to the H/W store. I picked up 3 sercuit brakers box of 15 Amp wireing and 3 socket boxes. Installing all of this crap in my hose took almost the whole day!but in return i got a separate circuit for all of my comps!! :) my main PC now runs at 43C :) :) :) :) 8) . so my theory on this is that if a computer does not have suficiant curent flow to supply the cpu and board that this can actualy stess the circuits and cause instability(eg. very drousy human trying to drive!)
I'm no Linux man, but I read somewhere that as an O/S, it works the CPU harder than Windows. That could account for the elevated temps. Ever run burnk6.exe? It's an excellent Dos burn-in program for AMD CPUs. Beats the pants off of Prime95 Torture for higher temp and getting up there fast. I got it from the front page here. apparently, that is what Swiftech uses for testing.

It's similar to needing a bigger power supply when overclocking with a case full of fans, cards, and drives. Extra watts don't give you much benefit, but not enough wattage will give you lots of headaches.