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a little advice plz

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Jul 9, 2001
soon i am going to be purchasing a dual palomino system & i am also gonna get a water cooling system too. here are the specs:
tyan thunder k7 mobo
(2) amd athlonMP 1.2ghz cpus
ibm 18.2gb 10k rpm hdd
760mb of pc2400 ddr ram
asus v8200 geforce 3
(some other basics... floppy drive,etc)

i was thinking of buying the cooling system from dangerden, as it seems the best choice. i was thinking of getting the maze2, and the cooling cube... im not sure how high i should go for wattage on the peltiers, or how big of a pump i need. plz tell me what you think i should get for my system's heat, and if i should get a chipset cooler for the mobo and vid card. thx

you should always cool the vid card "the more the merrier" and for the pelts it just depends on how many watts of heat your putting out and how cold you want them 2 74 wat pelts would probably do a fine job but two 172 watt pelts would do even finer
cool... i was thinking of going for the 172 watt peltiers, but then i would have to buy a 350watt power supply to power them, right? as for a pump, do i really need a 600gph pump to serve my two processors, the chipset and video card?

thanks again...
most people recommend a pelt with twice the wattage that is being put out. but a normal power supply does not put out enough volts (only 12 not 24 volt) to run these monsters to their full potential. don't forget to use some neoprene to keep out the condensation.
Sorry to break the news. 74 watt peltiers would end up heating your processors up. In the world of AMD, heat output is much higher than Intel. If you plan on overclocking, 156 should be the lowest you should go. 120 (maybe) if you aren't.

Also, a 350 watt power supply would probably fry soon after powering it up. One 156 watt TEC is usually barely enough for most power supplies, double it and add another 100 watts for the video card and chipset, and you'll have a dead power supply upon startup.

My recommendation would be to get two 156 watt pelts if you're going to overclock, or two 120 watt pelts if you aren't. Use regular heatsinks on your video card and chipset as well. Get a really, really good power supply as well.

Most 156 watt modules run at either 24 or 15 volts. Get a direct current power supply, or get either 50% or 80% of your potential cooling power. If it's a 15 volt pelt, running it at 12 volts would probably be good since most people think pelts run their best at 85% of their rated voltage.

Using one radiator is also a bit risky. A double radiator setup would be ideal. Once water goes through the first water block, it will be quite warm. Run it through another without cooling it, and you'll have some trouble cooling it. Unless the Cube is that good, get two radiators, or one really, really good one
no i dont mean a 350watt power supply for the whole system... im getting a 550watt enermax psu for the system, i was thinking of getting a 350w. psu just for the pelts.
ok... so should i get a 400w psu just for the pelts?
ok so i think i have the setup... 2 156watt pelts for the cpus, 2 cooling cubes, a 450watt power supply dedicated to the pelts, some tubing, a 600gph pump, 2 maze2-1s, some neoprene for insulation, and four 120mm fans (one intake one exhaust) for the radiators... if i were to get cooling for my video card and/or chipset, then should i get a pelt for those too??

tell me if you see anything that i need, or if you think i should get something different...
You should get a PSU that is rated at 24 volts...which you will NOT, I repeat NOT find in any form of ATX PSU. I believe the cow addressed this issue fairly well in the above post, so I'm not going to reiterate it.
If you’re going to get an ATX PSU, try to get pelts rated for ~15 volts. That way, you'll get the most out of them. Two 156-watt pelts would still give any ATX power supply a good workout. A dedicated direct current power supply would be best.

You should also have two pumps so each processor will have its own cooling. As I said earlier, running water through one processor will get it warm. Run it through another and you'll have some troubles cooling it, unless you’re thinking what I’m thinking.

Pump the water through the first water block and then through one of the radiators. Have the outlet of the first radiator go into the inlet of the second water block. Then, have its outlet go into the second radiator and through the first water block again. That way, the water will be cooled for both processors. Here's a diagram if I confused you