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A little help with an Asus K7V-A133 mobo w/Duron 700

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Dark Druid

Jan 22, 2001
First the HardWare

300 Watt p/s
Duron 700 (Blue) @ 840mhz
128meg PC133 seimans
ATI Expert 98 Rage Pro APG 2x
Maxtor 46gig ATA100 7200RPM
NetGear 100BaseT PCI
XWave-4000 Sound (upgrading soon)
Diamond USR Voice 56k PCI
KDS K-900 19"
USB Zip100
52x I/O Magic CD


Now the Good stuff.

I removed Everything from the system and left it like so.

HardDrive (attached to ATA100)
ATI Xpert 98 rage pro AGP video

Now for the trials.

I have tried EVERY combonation in cmos to overclock this thing. The best stable settings is

Cas 2-2-2

Now for the questions.

When I move it to
Cas 2-2-2

It will boot, and is stable, until I restart the machine. When the machine cycles it refuses to come back up. the monitor loses the video signal but I hear the system booting.

so I tab Delete, hit F5 (Restore bios defaults) F10 (save and exit) and walla the machine boots back up at 700.

So this looks like a vid card problem.

I have used my fundage for this pay period (thanks www.overclockers.com for the FREEbies listing) so I have to wait till payday to get a GeForce2 GTS card and test the theory.

But what I want to know is if anyone else has this mobo/cpu combo, and what settings are they using?

I just got mine up yesterday. Duron 700@733/FSB133, Nvidia GTS 32DDR and it did the same thing. So I dont think it's your video card. Or maybe my card doesn't is doing the same thing. I just mashed the RESET button about 3 times and it booted up into windows. I have not done any more testing on it yet. It doesn't have any connection to the NET and I have to use this monitor also.