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A little Innovatek lovin' (first wc experience!)

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Nov 18, 2001
Troutman, NC
I just got my Innovatek kit middle of last week. I got the whole shebang: Rev3 block, Eheim 1048, res, rad, fan, etc. I figured for my first go at watercooling I'd just get a "kit" and not worry.

This kit is great (other than the vinyl tubing, I'm looking for some silicone that will fit). It even came with a tube of AS3! The compression fittings are great, and the resevior is just plain cool.

The system couldn't be any easier to bleed, just run it with the cap off the res and fill a little at a time until all the bubbles are gone (took like 5 minutes). Since I'm running in a slocket, it took a little re-arranging to get all the tubing in with no kinks. Which brings me to the excellent customer service at Highspeed PC. Scott (@highspeedpc) upgraded my shipping to 2nd day free of charge when the backorder took a little longer than expected, and when I asked if I could buy a couple more elbow compression fittings, he sent them to me on the house!

The results are sweet! This chip ran (on my GF's ST6 with a Glaciator II) around 42C (17C above ambient) at 133 and 1.60V. Its running in my system now at around 30C (around 5 to 7 above ambient). I know that the diodes may not be reading exactly correct between the mobos, but its definately WAY cooler.

This chip wouldn't do over 133 on the ST6, and I'm running at 140 now. It'll POST at 150, but crashes in XP. I'll let her burn in for a little while, I'm sure I can get it to 150.

Thanks to Joe and Hoot for thier reviews, they said it was good and it IS good. Also, thanks to everyone on the forums, y'all know WAY too much!
i am desparatly trying to get hold of one of these kits, i live in the UK and cannot find a reseller, and the inovotak english site is not finished yet. unfortuantly high speed pc will not ship the kit to the UK :( so i guess i have to keep waiting