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A little question here

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Jan 24, 2002
Hialeah, FL
I've got a network with 2 computers and a cable modem set up in my town house with two floors. My sister lives in a same type of townhouse about 30 meters away from my house (or less) and I want to connect her computer to my network wirelessly. I wonder if i buy a access point to put in my router at my house and a wireless card to put on my sister's computer in her computer would it be a bad idea in terms of the slowness of the network since its through walls and not physically in the same house? Thanks.


Mar 17, 2002
Chicago IL
i belive its possible ive seen wireless routors that can reach up to 200 meters... so yeah i think u can set it up that way, she might get a slow conection but it will be better than a phone line :).


Jan 31, 2002
North of Boston, MA
I'd be inclined to agree, I'd be interested in knowing if it works. for a while I was considering moving near one of my brother's and was going to get a cable modem so I figured we could share it( while that is no longer an option it would be good to know if it works).


Super Shark Moderator
Aug 13, 2001
Deep Blue Sea (Maryland)
the simple answer is YES! it "could" work!

the biggest challange (can't spell :D) would be single strength! as u said, it will need to go through wallss, etc.

the best way is to try to locate both the router & ur sister's machine as close to window (for example) and go through as less walls between them as possible!! better if u could have the line of sight.

also, u "might" need to invest a after-market antenna for ur wireless AP if the singal isn't stronge enough.

good luck!!

(currently using a wireless AP + router + 4 ports switch for my home network)