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A lousy, but Attempt to bring back my old folding farm

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Jan 9, 2013
After my issues i've had to deal with, mainly $$$$$$$$$$ I'm going to make a lousy folding attempt. For folding we have 2 machine with AMD athlon 939's, 4400+ x2's. each at 2.2 ghz with 2 cores, oc'ed upto 2.5ghz. each machine with 4GB of ram. one equipped with a GTX 280, but will leave the 280 intially out of the folding due to concerns regarding the card may be faulty(card isn't properly tested since resurrection). Card my be swapped back to 9800GX2 until i sort it out in my GT4 station. Gonna the pair it with my 2 Dell dimensions. a E310 with a 3.2ghz Pentium 4 and a E510 with a 3ghz Pentium D. The E310 with 2GB of ram and the 510 with 8. the 510 has a GT420 which i may "try" and fold with. The E310 has no PCI-e support so thats out. I may under special circumstances settup my old GT4 revival for folding on downtime as well. With 2 X5450 xeons and 16GB of ram. X5450's oced from 3ghz to 3.6 and ram from 667 to 800. has a GPU but GPU is known to be faulty, and will be incapable of folding for more than 10 minutes before creating a system stop error due to voltage issues(core degration)

Will post Pics of the farm upon setup this august. plan on running it for 3 months, then checking progress. if good, will run all the way until june.
The GTX 280 and 9800 GX2 won't be able to fold. VJ posted today that the last core 11 server is being retired due to probable imminent failure, and that as a result core 11 is likely gone for good.