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A+/MCSE certification

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The Revelation

Oct 23, 2002
I'm curious if there are any A+ and/or MSCE techs here. I plan on taking the exams early next year.

If you bought any books/CDs/etc., would you mind listing them here? There are so many damn different books out there that it's hard to pick one. The only real reason I want to even buy any study aide, is to make sure I don't fail the test the first time.

Also, if you know of any good online tutorials/review/sample tests, that would be a great help.

WOOT i have my A+ exam cram is the best book IMO great reading, the author makes it interesting and tries to explain it better, dont get the a+ for dummies book, its a buch of childish horse****, does not go into the detail that needs to be tought to the reader, exam cram is by far the best from all the books that i have read/reviewed and i hear that from many others also
i just got my A+ this june, i read "A+ complete study guide" from sybex. the book is huge but full of knoledge.

i have some sample quizes, pm me if interested

Same book here as Didital Pimp. It's a good book. My college used it as our text for my A+ class. Right now I'm sitting in my MCSE class for Active Directory. The books we use it the ?Academic Learning Series? from Microsoft Press. These are okay, but there are a few incorrect items in them. Good luck and get all the hands on experence you can.
I just looked a few online practice tests and info and took the test. I think I learned more from these forums than a book could have. Plus my experience. Passed it first trys. Just look out for questions about obsolete hardware and printers.

Rav said:
Just look out for questions about obsolete hardware and printers.

couldent agree more, they wiil ask questions about old pentium processors. also the picture quality is horrible, also make sure u study a few motherboard's before u take the test as it will help with the crappy pics.

Thanks a lot for the advice guys. I plan on taking the test next month, so I just want to brush up on my knowledge.

I figured the books wouldn't teach me more than this site + experience has... but it's always good to go over things again.

One last question for the MCSE. I was told that the books from other publishers (i.e. not MS), have more in depth descriptions, and were better learning aides than the MS Press books... Any comments?

I'll be PM'ing you after I have my cigarette break, DP ;D