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a must read for all using Rain, Waterfall, or Wincooler!

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Mar 21, 2001
I know this sounds crazy, but my system idles much cooler without running any of the 3 cooling utilities mentioned above.

upon installation, each of the 3 lowered temps. but after a few weeks I notice them creeping back up again. so I remove one, prepairing to install the next, and I see my CPU temp plummet to the tune of like 8 or 9 degrees C.

this has happened over and over, with all 3 of these utilities, WTF?

I don't understand this, and I'm not looking for an explaination really. I just wanted to spread the word and maybe compare notes.

I have an Abit KT7a RAID, 1GHz TBird, and an Alpha PAL 6035.

Win98, not SE. have you seen this too, or know what's going on?

From my own experience, they have a bigger effect on T-birds than Durons. Don't ask me why. They do their best work when your CPU is idle. If you have some programs running in the background, the effect is not as pronounced. I too have seen unusual behavior from them, such as getting better temps after uninstalling. I sincerely think the OS has an impact upon them, particularly whether running full ACPI support or not. These programs can leave behind a .dll file that allows halt on idle to continue to perform, even after they are removed. Some more conclusive investigating is needed as to the interraction of the different OS' out there with these programs. Anyone have a conclusive link to share?