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A New Dremel Feature That You Will Love

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I work at Home Depot. As I'm walking through the store today I see one of the vendors building a display. Typical hardware stuff. All Skill tools. Jigsaw, circular saw, angle drill and a dremel. The vendor saw me and gave me a blinking pin. blah blah blah, he then explains that Skill and dremel have a new line of tools out with built in lights.

Actually, they are 2 ultra bright leds. Forget the Skill tools, the dremel is the same multi-speed pro with this collar that fits where the collar for the detail wand fits on. There is a switch that puts the light on. There is also another attachment which we could use. It is like a straight guide for cuts. It the same idea as a circular saw enclosing, only on the end of the dremel. This will make for smoother, cleaner, straighter cuts.




I couldn't find any pics on the dremel or hd site. If you can't wait, I could take some pics tomorrow.
They actually had those guides out for quite some time now. I used it along with a meter stick to help guide my hand to straight lines! :) dremels are the best!
PawNtheSandman said:
Dremel updated their site. Heres the addys for the pics.

Dremel light:


Dremel mini-saw:


These are only available included with the multipro at Home Depot. They are sold seperately but have to be special ordered, at least in my region.
I wouldnt mind buying one of the mini saw blades. That puppy looks sweet.