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A new Video card for my Athlon

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Mar 5, 2002
i would like to spend about $80-110max to get a good graphic card for my Athlon 1.133

what do u guys think??
(a)gf2 ti 64mb $90
(b)gf3 mX4400????

or.... go into Radeon 7500 $100-110 ?????
but i heard negative thoughts of driver support for Ati cards?

what do u think guys!!??

Athlon 1.133
Abit kt7a (kt133a)
384mb kingmax pc133 sdram
voodoo 3 3k 16mb AGP
here is what a lot of Radeon users think of the newest Ati drivers:

dont listen to people who have never even used Ati cards who tell you the drivers suck....

also i would suggest the Radeon 7500 and online you can get it for like 75$ (www.pricewatch.com), its faster than both of the Nvidia cards you listed and has better image quality.......

but my opinion is that you spend a little out of your price range (140$ with rebate) and get the Radeon 8500 from Best Buy that will last you much longer and is twice as fast as the cards youve listed....
Yet again, I'm going with the funnyperson. The Radeon "driver issue" that was once a problem is now a tale of old. If you can afford the $140 at Best Buy this week, go for an 8500 retail. If you want to spend more like $75, the Radeon 7500 is in that range and comes highly recommended to the budget-minded who still want an good gaming card.

If you had to choose between those two cards, though...hmmmm, tough call. I'd say GF4 MX4400 (that is what you meant, right?) The MX, though I have never seen any benches to back this up, is supposed to perform very slightly above the GF2Ti series. But this is a very small slightly. Go for the better deal, if you leave it up to those two.

If I've stated this incorrectly, somebody let me know. Like I said, I don't have benches, I can only judge off of what nvidia.com tells me.
goign by the reviews and what i know about Geforce2 cards, the MX440 is maybe 1% faster than a Ti or a Pro
mx4400 vs 7500

which is better overall?? mainly for gaming(mx4400 vs 7500)

btw-can any 1 here with 7500 tell me 3dmark2001 and 3dmark 2000 points they got??