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a question on cooling read please

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That rig won't even come close to helping you. The Hedgehog alone, with a fan adapter and a big fan will do better.
I use a big honkin air cooler. I tried it with a 156W peltier and with a 65W configuration on my cpu, it
only ran 6C cooler, under load, than the heatsink alone.
If you want to use a peltier to help you achive 1.66G from a 1.2G processor, better plan in at least a 124W one and a hefty water cooling rig to go with it.

Hahahhahaha, once again, no gaurantees from these guys huh? thats cause a pal6035 and a 55w pelt. wont keep an overclocked Celly-300 below freezing, unless your running rain on it . But if you have too much cash lying around, they could sure help with that !