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A safer way to increase cvolts on A7V?

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New Member
Dec 21, 2000
Is there any other way to up the voltage on our boards or is it just the way that Tom has on his page? I was hoping not, but was unsure as to wheather or not it was even possible to go over 1.85 in the bios(es).

I don't know about you, but I am not too excited about warming up the soldering iron to eek out another 50mhz. Then again.....some of you may : )
I believe Jonnie would like to find a way to go over 1.85v on an A7V, without doing the motherboard mods. L7 bridge trick only allow you to go up to 1.85v. BTW, if anyone noticed, even though you set the voltage on A7V to 1.85v, within programs like motherboard monitor, it often reports the CPU voltage is at 1.90+v already! :)