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A Suggestion for AMD.

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New Member
Dec 11, 2003
I don’t like locked CPUs.
Neither do you, nor does the guy who’s just about to make the next post.
But we’re ocers. We may get all mad, but some of us also get determined and creative (not often me, but major kudos to those who do).And we not only keep buying chips, we break so many of ‘em in failed experiments, we end up buying more of them.

But if I were a normal human being, and by that I mean someone who doesn’t change their computer config as often as they change their socks.:p

Sorry, where was I, oh yes,
If I were a normal human being who discovered that my shinny new XP3200+ was really a remarked XP2500+, I’d be incandescent with rage, and swear off AMD’s for the rest of my life. Regardless of the fact that the fraud was perpetrated by some unscrupulous third party. So I can see why AMD locked the bartons up.

And I can see why they’re probably going to lock up everything but the top of the line chip. Because, in that scenario, the expensive chips should lose less sales to the entry level ones. And overclocking would be relegated to getting a slice of next years performance today.
The above is my best guess on what AMD’s reasoning is anyway, but obviously its only a guess.

I don’t like any of it though.

So here’s my suggestion.
I reckon AMD’s general rule should be to lock all their multipliers tighter than a (insert your preferred metaphor here). Do whatever they want with the top of the line chip.

But also sell an Overclockers Special.
No multiplier lock.
No Speed Rating, only the core name and revision number.
No Warranty.

Basically it’d be an engineering sample. But probably in a translucent package with blue LED’s.;) In return for the lack of a warranty, I’d expect them to be reasonably priced.

So, what do you think. What obvious flaws are there that I’ve missed? From your perspective or from AMD’s?

Apologies if this has been done to death already, or if it should have sat in a different section.