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A switch, but not your normal network switch...

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Dec 25, 2004
Ok, I'm trying to find a switch for ethernet that isn't a normal switch. I'm looking for something more along the lines a monitor switch box. As in, plug two or more computers in and one monitor and switch between the computers.

We have a computer that alternately needs to be plugged into a DSL line and our LAN. The DSL line also need to be able to run to a different (normal) network switch. All the cables are in place, but we are having to plug and unplug them as needed. So my boss asked me to find a switch, but I'm having a hard time as the nomenclature is the same for both items. And I'm not even sure that type of switch exists. :bang head

Any pointers?
You mean a KVM switch?

Could you just remote into the other computer instead? It is free and easy to configure.
You mean a KVM switch?

Could you just remote into the other computer instead? It is free and easy to configure.

Kind of like a KVM, but only for Ethernet, and no, remoting in isn't an option. This is for executives that need outside network internet connections, and access to in-network stuff from the same computer. And the only display for it is a projector.

Isolated switch______DSL LINE__________Computer_______Local Network

Computer can't be hooked up to LN and DSL at the same time (even if we put an extra card in it, boss said no. DSL line has to reach Computer and the Isolated Switch at different times.

Ideally, in one position you would have the DSL line hooked up to the IS, and the LN hooked up to the Computer. Turn the switch and the DSL line is hooked up to the Computer, and the LN and the IS aren't hooked up to anything.
Well...an ethernet based KVM is remote desktop since you don't have access to the output of the video card :eh?:

I know what you mean, but I don't think I can help beyond my suggestions already :shrug:
Think you could do it over VNC. I don't see how to do it with out remote software (that works modem to modem (internet) or local computer to computer) or a KVM...
Why doesn't want internet available when the LAN is active? Security?

I'd install two NIC's and simply enable/disable each to suit his requirements. You could even do a simple script to accomplish the same thing without having to go into the network connections folder.
could make a vlan with a managed switch and just use remote softwarer to access the systems you need