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A tower in water

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New Member
Mar 18, 2001
I had an idea and wanted to know what you thought.
Given distilled water doesn't let electricity throw it, why wouldn't we put the motherboard, the CPU, etc.. in water, letting the HD, CD-ROM, etc... outdoor ?


Senior Member
Mar 11, 2001
Auburn California
I'm sorry but i'm sure all water does and will conduct electricity even if it did not conduct it would be to corrosive to even think about, there are guys who submerse there MB in mineral oil though to get the same affect, I think even to go to this extreme you would have to be sure the extra cooling will even help, if i soaked my MB I dont think i'd get that much more MHZ out of her to warrant doing such a mod


Senior Member
Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
Yeah, The article I saw a long time ago the guy submerged the board in mineral oil and circlulated the mineral oil thru an airconditioning unig to keep it cold.


Sneaky Moderator
Apr 17, 2001
Springfield, IL
Totally pure water is not conductive at all. I am not sure if it is corrosive, I think it is. As soon as you get something dissolved in the water it becomes conductive. I am talking dust could cause it. Water is one of the strangest substances. I have actually seen a motherboard run immersed in mineral oil. It worked fine, but the guy took it apart, so we do not know if it was corrosive. I would not think it was.


Dec 25, 2000
Distilled water is not conductive but as soon as you let any outside air in it will conduct electricity. So unless you plan to operate it in a vacuum and know how to keep water from disolving your computer system it won't work. Try silicone oil or mineral oil and use an AC unit evaporator to cool the system if you want to try emersion.